College Archives Collection


The mission of the North Central College Archives is to collect, organize, describe, preserve and make available for research materials on the history of the College and the local area as related to the College. The Archives supports the College community's need for historical information and provides reference assistance to researchers from on and off campus. The Archives does not function as the repository for current College records.

What's in the College Archives?

The College Archives houses records relating to subjects such as:

  • The College community, including administration, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and trustees
  • College business, including operation and administration
  • College curriculum
  • College programs and activities
  • The types of material housed in the Archives include correspondence, meeting minutes, memos, personal papers, manuscripts, photographs, audio and video recordings, artifacts, and publications.

    More detailed information about the Archives' holdings can be found by consulting finding aids. The finding aids below represent only a part of the College Archives collection. More information on the College Archives' holdings will be available soon.

    What's a Finding Aid?

    Just as a library has a catalog record for each book it holds, an archives has a finding aid for each collection or part of a collection it has. North Central College Archives finding aids give you useful information about:

  • Who created the records
  • Why they created them
  • When they created them
  • If there are restrictions on the records' access or use, and why
  • What language the records are in
  • How the records are arranged
  • Titles of folders in each box of records
  • How much material makes up the records (measured in boxes, cubic feet, or linear feet)
  • Whether you need special equipment to access the records (such as a cassette tape player, VHS player, computer in the reading room, etc.)
  • If there is related material elsewhere in the archives
  • If the archivist had to do something to the records to make them more easily accessible (photocopying, scanning, arranging in a logical sequence, etc.)
  • Titles of folders in each box of records
  • How Do I Access Records in the College Archives?

    To use records in the College Archives, whether for course work, administrative purposes, genealogy, other historical research, or your own personal interest, it's a good idea to make an appointment with the archivist. Archival material cannot be checked out and must be used in the Archives Reading Room. Be prepared to leave all personal items in a designated area in the Reading Room, since you can only use pencil, paper, laptops, smartphones, and tablets when using archival material. (This is to avoid damaging unique and irreplaceable records.) Researchers will be asked to sign a copy of the Archives and Special Collections Use Form. It's a good idea to let the archivist know how you plan to use the information you want to get from the records so that she can let you know about other material in the archives that might help you, too.

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