As Fannie Smith recorded on July 1st, 1885:
p. 274:
We are down nearly every day to the "the house". It has created quite a sensation among the natives, and well it may. Miss Bucks and Ma were down. Miss B. said she was not prepared to see such a house (in this little town I suppose she thought but did not add). They commenced on the foundation April 1 and now have the floors in, and lathing commenced, back stairway built, roof done, windows in. It is 58 long by 40 wide. The attic, 11 ft. high in centre, cellar very dry and correspondingly high & large, 3 fire-places in library, music room and dining room, house heated by furnace in cellar, hot & cold water upstairs as well as down. Frank Bender, one of the workmen fell from the scaffolding 15 ft. broke an arm, dislocated wrist and will be laid up a few months for repairs. 6 rooms on first floor, 7 on second besides large closets, store-room, bath-room & very large pantry."