Likely the most endangered building on campus at times, the boiler house is a very unique reuse example. Built in 1908, the boiler house was constructed to supply heat (first, by coal burning furnaces and later by oil powered boilers) to the entire campus. When the new science center opened in 1970 with a larger and modern steam heat boiler system, the boiler house ceased heating campus and housed only the maintenance department. Intermittently, the boiler house was considered for demolition, and, in fact, in 1988 the crumbling smokestack had to be removed due to public safety concerns. However, a number of individuals fought the complete demolition of the boiler house and College leaders worked to find an alternative use for the building. Like Old Main, the boiler house was stripped to its bare shell and begun again inside. Reopened in 2004, the Rolland Center (as it is now called), houses a coffee bar, convenience store, computer lab area, and a meeting/gathering space, making it an attractive addition to the neighborhood.