Archives Undergraduate Publications Guidelines

To Be Eligible:

The Author must be enrolled as a NCC undergraduate in the current school year and the sole author of the manuscript. The manuscript should use the Chicago Manual of Style and be at least 15 pages in length. To be considered, the manuscript should be submitted by April 1st of the current school year.

How to Submit:

The Student should submit a paper or electronic copy of their manuscript to the Archivist by April 1st of the current school year. The Archivist will distribute submissions to the Editorial Board and solicit feedback and decisions by each member. Following selection, the successful applicant will work with the Archivist to select images and graphics to enhance the final product.

Further Details:

The Undergraduate Archives Publication is printed annually as a booklet, and with the author's consent, will be placed in the College's digital repository. The Archives maintains at least two permanent copies of the Publication, the author receives five copies of their work, and an additional number are available for distribution.

Editorial Board: